Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finished Projects

I figured I would make a post with some of the projects I have already completed. These were all done anytime between November of 2012 and now. I have come a long way since I first started and it will certainly show! I am going to link the patterns for each one that I made. You will see that my earlier work I used back loops only on almost all my work. I seriously thought a lot of my stuff looked better that way. It doesn't and I've since gotten better (At least, I think so). I'll start with newest to oldest. This is going to be one long post...

Here is a baby chocobo! He is completed; except eyes, of coarse. I'll get around to cutting up some felt eventually..

Nintendo Controller Pillow. This was my first attempt at tunisian crochet and I am in love. 

 These are wine cozies someone commissioned from me. I just used some stitches I already knew and worked them up to the size of a wine bottle! Cute idea for a small gift!

Mickey Mouse hat and diaper cover just because it's adorable.

Graduation inspired yoshi

Megaman (My two year olds absolute fave)

This is Hobbes. He is my first plushie where I did not follow a pattern. Not too shabby, eh? However, he was inspired by this Hobbes.

OK, I'll stop there. I have made several other things, but it's alright. As you can see I love the Wolfdreamer blog, she's pretty amazing.. and all free patterns! I'm going to attempt to post my work regularly and will update as I go :)

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