Saturday, December 6, 2014

Final Fantasy Cactuar Crochet Pattern

My husband asked me to make a cactuar for his secret santa partner. I was searching and searching for a pattern to use, but every time I thought I had found a good one, the link was dead. I finally decided that the cactuar's shape was simple enough and I was going to wing it.

I spent a few hours staring at pictures on Google and trying to recreate the character. It wasn't working. So, I put my work down and gave myself over 24 hours and then I started over again. This time I started crocheting and didn't stop until the cactuar was done and put together.

I'm pleased with the results! This will be the first pattern I have ever written! :D

Cactuar Pattern:

worsted weight yarn in green
very small amount of black yarn
black felt

1. Make a magic ring and sc 6 (6)
2. 2sc around (12)
3. (sc 1, 2sc) around (18)
4. (sc 2, 2sc) around (24)
5-21: sc in each stitch (24)
 *I added the hair at this point. I tied a large knot at one end of a small piece of black yarn and pulled it through the inside of the body so the yarn was sticking out the top and the knot was keeping the yarn from being pulled out. Repeat this 2 more times to make the three stands of hair. Stuff. *
22: (sc 2, sc2tog) around (18)
23: (sc 1, sc2tog) around (12)
24: (sc2tog) around (6)
Sew the opening closed and weave in ends.

Arms (Make 4)
Round 1: Make a magic ring and sc 8 (8)
Rounds 2-6: sc in each stitch (8)
 Fasten off. Stuff. Sew two pieces together to make one arm. Sew the opening of one piece perpendicular to another at the end of the piece. Sew to body.

Legs: (Make 4)
Round 1: Make a magic ring and sc 6 (6)
Round 2: (sc 1, 2sc) three times. (9)
Rounds 3-6: sc in each stitch (9)
Fasten off. Stuff. Sew the legs together the same way you sewed the arms. Sew to body.

Add your finishing touches. Cut two circles and one oval from your black felt and hot glue to make the face. Now enjoy your cactuar!!

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