Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crochet Nintendo 64 Controller

I was asked if I could make a Nintendo 64 controller pillow. While I think that idea is awesome, I just don't see how I could accomplish it because of the controller's odd shape.

I searched for patterns for a bit and couldn't find any of Nintendo 64 controllers :( I thought the shapes looked easy enough so I was going to try it myself with no pattern.While I think mine came out a bit more cartoon-ish than realistic, I still think I did pretty good! I spent the better part of today working on this and I am very happy with the results :) 

Knock-off controller we had laying around for size/accuracy comparison
I even wrote notes while I was crocheting so if anyone is interested, I could write up a pattern!


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  2. I am very interested in a pattern if I could get it I would be so happy!